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Dice Sixtyseven

'Rebel Alliance' on 50x40cm box canvas

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Image of 'Rebel Alliance' on 50x40cm box canvas

This painting depicts the Pixadores from the favela's of Brazil, graffiti artists that paint huge runic anti-government slogans on high rise buildings, climbing without any safety gear at great risk to themselves; and the logo of The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists. This collection of artists were set up to network with each other and participate in charity events and fundraising whilst setting up international art exhibitions and having a lot of fun along the way!

Due to the nature of the thrown paint each piece is unique and impossible to reproduce.

Size 50 x 40cm freehand spray paint and stencil on deep edged 3D painted box canvas. By 3D I mean it's also painted on the sides of the box canvas.

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